Cherry Bakewell Club

Cherry Bakewell - Stories from my Kitchen is a children's story book with recipes for children of any age.  There are 7 short stories each containing a recipe, which is printed at the end of each chapter.  Some of the ingredients are red.  You have to make a note of all the red ingredients and try and guess what they will make, which is the final secret recipe, left for you by Cherry Bakewell.  Watch out for a naughty character called Rickster Raccoon.  He gets into a lot of mischief!  If you would like a copy it is available on Amazon for £6.99.  Thank you to Michelle Lanstone of for the amazing logo design, spoons and badges.  Also a huge thank you to an amazing lady, Lara Kerem.  She is the artist who did all the drawings in the book and on the webpage.  As you can see, she is very talented and her work can be found at the links below.

Cherry Bakewell Club is a cooking club for children, which was launched on 1st February 2021.  This page is free for everyone which has quizzes and games for you to try, however, if you would like to subscribe to Cherry Bakewell Club, Membership is a one off fee of £25, for which you will receive an apron, a Cherry Bakewell bookmark, cupcake cases for the orange and cranberry cupcakes in the book, a wooden spoon and a badge with the Cherry Bakewell Club logo on.  UK postage is free, but outside UK postage charges will apply.  You will also get 6 video links to private videos with recipes and cooking tips, but watch out for Rickster Raccoon, he shows up in the videos causing trouble.  There will also be competitions, for which there will be prizes available, but you must be an Member of Cherry Bakewell Club to enter.

I want to make this club fun, so there will be opportunities for you to email pictures of your creations and I'll make a gallery of those of you who want to appear on the Cherry Bakewell Club page.

My mum taught me to cook when I was young, so I want to pass on all the things I learnt from her to you.  Cooking is a great life skill, so lets have fun with this page!


Jane Bevan x

Rickster Raccoon has lost his treats.  Can you help him find them?

PDF colouring pages for you to print and enjoy

These are the gifts you will receive for Club Membership.  When you join, I will require the written permission of a parent or responsible adult.   

Learn to cook whilst having fun!  Watch that naughty Rickster Raccoon pinch all the food.  There will be prizes available for competitions and every member must have an adult helper with them whilst watching the videos as knives are sharp and ovens are hot!

I look forward to cooking with you in the future xx