Boxed Buffets and Treat Boxes

Boxed Buffets

All buffets are for up to 30 people.  They come labelled, boxed and delivered to your doorstep for you to transfer to your own dishes and plates.  Napkins included.

Afternoon Tea - £9.00 per head

Sandwiches: One round per person

Chicken, bacon and mayonnaise, Egg and Cress, Salmon and cucumber, Tuna and mayonnaise, Mature cheddar and red onion,

Brie and cranberry, Barbecue chicken, Cream cheese and spring onion, Ham, rocket and tomato

Buffet sausage rolls with caramelised onion chutney,

Mini cheese and bacon tartlets

Cheese scones and butter

Choose your flavour of cake: Coffee and walnut, Victoria sponge, Chocolate, Lemon

1 piece per person of either Bread pudding, Bakewell tart or Flapjack

1 fruit or plain scone with cream and jam per person


Make your selections, add up the individual prices and that's your price per head

Sandwiches - £2.85

Chicken, bacon and mayonnaise

Egg and cress

Salmon and cucumber

Tuna and mayonnaise

Mature cheddar and red onion

Brie and cranberry

Barbecue chicken

Cream cheese and spring onion

Ham, rocket and tomato

Sausage rolls with onion chutney - 45p

Mini cheese scones and butter - 50p

Honey and mustard cocktail sausages - 45p

Pigs in blankets - 45p

Mini cheese and bacon tarts - 45p

Parmesan crackers - 40p

Feta and leek tarts - 50p

Chicken drumsticks - 85p

Salmon and cream cheese puffs - 50p

Tandoori chicken bites - 65p

Mini minced beef and onion pasties - 85p

Savoury eggs - 40p

8 inch sandwich sponges - £1.10 per slice

Choose from: Victoria, Chocolate, Lemon, Coffee and walnut

Brownies - 65p

Butterfly cakes - 65p

Coconut macaroon tarts - 65p

Bread pudding - 65p

Bakewell tarts - 65p

Treat Boxes

Please allow 3 days when ordering

Christmas boxes available throughout December